LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS is an INDIAN based, innovation-driven company committed to developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class and first-in-class pharmaceutical products that help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.

Pharma Service Outsourcing

We have a separate business vertical for Pharma re value added service currently. Your supply chain partner... As if your extended office in India.

Our Profile Includes:

  • Manufacturing facility observation in line with plant accreditation guidelines.
  • API & Product sourcing.
  • Sample preparations.
  • Quality Assurance of API & finished product as per testing norms.
  • Physical observation of shipment and Packing, while shipment.
  • Regulatory Affairs support in line with requirements of MOH across world.
  • Logistic Updates of your orders.
  • Representing your company’s presence in India.
  • Due Diligence of vendors & their manufacturing facility.
  • Any other service & support needed as extended partner of your supply chain.