LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS is an INDIAN based, innovation-driven company committed to developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class and first-in-class pharmaceutical products that help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.

The lack of vast economic resources necessary for original research on new pharmaceutical products, we have early led LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS to establish long-lasting partnerships with leading international firms in order to benefit from their experience and their methodology on advanced pharmaceutical technology.

Labdhi Pharmaceuticals has, therefore, invested considerably in transferring and incorporating available know-how to cover the whole spectrum of its activities: manufacturing processes, quality standards and systems organizational structures, promotional methods, human resource management.

To bring constantly opportunities on focus, Labdhi Pharmaceuticals has created a special department -an autonomous managerial unit- whose primary role is to investigate and evaluate novel products or fields of activity.

This important source of information allows Labdhi Pharmaceuticals to strategically plan its further course in order to retain its leading market position and its financial strength.

Pioneering in its field, LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS has established a department responsible for Research, Development and Applications of Advanced Technology.

It designs and develops manufacturing processes in accordance with the standardization specifications of ISO 9001.

Particular emphasis has been placed in the development of lyophilization processes. Lyophilization is applied in very few pharmaceutical industries worldwide, as it requires highly controlled manufacturing conditions and a particularly high initial investment for not widely available know-how and costly equipment.

Lyophilization, however, is significantly superior to other drying methods because the whole process is carried out under very moderate temperature and pressure conditions, offering serious advantages:

  • High quality products that could not be obtained by any other method.
  • Minimization of the by-products, a feature that makes lyophilization particularly suitable for products with costly raw materials.
  • Easy and rapid reconstitution of the final product by the abolition of the appropriate solvent, since the dry lyophilized product occupies the same volume as the original solution.
  • A longer shelf-life of the finished product, since normally, a dry product is more stable than a solution.

The Strategic planning and the marketing of products are based on the deep knowledge of the needs of the medical community, the wide experience from the international market as well as on the dynamism and professionalism for the highly trained personnel of LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS.

The Marketing and Sales Department is operating autonomously but in very close cooperation. Entirely independent, management team which is responsible for specific products, grouped according to their therapeutic affinity, to common target audience, to promotional strategy e.t.c.

Our Customer Support department maintains effective service level with every activity and are planned carefully in order to comply strictly with the Code of Ethics & global Business Standards.

Our key Marketing people widely travel across international markets, exhibitions and conferences providing them with global prospective and updating with new opportunities.

Furthermore, activities such as collecting data for scientific documentation and monitoring clinical trials are fully supported by integrated electronic networks equipped with highly sophisticated software, in an on-line connection with well known international research centres (CLIN-NET, CRISP).

LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS has an experience of more than 30 years in exports. We are steadily increasing our worldwide expansion.

Our company is present at

  • South America (Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay)
  • Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama)
  • Europe (UK, Spain, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Cyprus…)
  • Middle East (UAE), in Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc...)
  • Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan).
    • The company’s successful and effective exporting activities have been achieved through different factors and advantages such as:

      • high quality products
      • remarkable production capabilities due to continuous investment on state of the art machines
      • continuous investment on human resources
      • prompt delivery time
      • continuous market research
      • marketing activities
      • good distribution services

Our exports are divided in two different channels:

  • the contract manufacturing agreements that we have with many multinationals companies
  • the exports of LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS branded products which are done through local distributors in many countries.

The company has a Specialized Registration Department which can meet the registration requirements of each country, which is able to develop and update the Dossiers according to the latest guidelines of the Pharmacopeia and which is well experienced in European Registrations through MRP or DCP.

In case you would be interested to be our distributor in your country, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

The excellent technological and organizational infrastructure of LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS ensures the effectiveness of relationships to meet successfully strategic alliances and partnerships.

Currently LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS collaborates with pharmaceutical firms in South American, Europe, USA , on the base of varied, distinct agreements, as follows:

  • License Agreements, for products manufactured and/or packaged and distributed in the European market.
  • Co-marketing Agreements for different products in the European market.
  • Distribution Agreements for exclusive distribution of imported products in the European market.
  • Distribution Agreements for exports.
  • Contract Manufacturing Agreements, for the manufacturing of products of third parties (Façon).
  • Physical Distribution Agreements, which relate only to the distribution of third parties under contract.

The first three types of agreement are connected with the manufacturing and commercial activity of the Company, while the last two with the provision of services. Most of the agreements LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS has signed incorporate a Territory Exclusivity clause.

The basis of the Company's success is, undoubtedly, its effective and flexible organization and the quality of its human resources.

Its yearly investments primarily aim at the maximization of its functionality in order to secure the highest level of services rendered to its clients.

Labdhi Pharmaceuticals invests in its people because it deeply believes that they are an unlimited "capital" for its growth and prosperity.

Spending considerable funds in recent years, it constantly initiates and supports training programmes for its personnel to bring in modern knowledge on fields such as production techniques, quality control systems, marketing and promotion or use of the new electronic technology.

It is worthy to note that the majority of its staff is university graduates with good field experience.

Loyalty, commitment to the Company’s vision and the level of achievement of personal targets are the basic criteria according to which all staff is evaluated in order to assure the Labdhi Pharmaceuticals will keep its pioneering spirit and it will be ready to face the challenges of the new era.