Operational Quality Assurance

LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS is an INDIAN based, innovation-driven company committed to developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class and first-in-class pharmaceutical products that help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.


In order to assure the quality of all products, Labdhi Pharmaceuticals has established:

  • Independent Quality departments, supervised by scientists having great experience.
  • Independent laboratory in suitable premises with modern equipment, reference standards, materials and reagents of high purity, staffed with a team of scientists(Chemists, Pharmacists, Biologists)

LABDHI PHARMACEUTICALS, also conducts quality controls and studies such as:

  • Laboratory tests/analysis for each produced batch and incoming material
  • Routine in-process controls concerning all production stages
  • Validation studies for all products, processes and critical equipment
  • Installation/Operational/Performance Qualification for Production Lines and Equipment
  • Calibration for instruments/equipment
  • Environmental controls (e.g. sterile environments or other sensitive product)


Distribution, Storage, Marketing and Sales Services are subjected to another QA/QC System, for the first time.

We have also implemented various initiatives under Six Sigma program to continuously improve our service level.

A series of controls (including in-process and final) are applied to:

  • All materials and means of customer's information and communication (brochures, conferences, meetings, visits)
  • All stages of product distribution, storage, transportation.

All the above controls and studies are documented in SOP/instructions and numerous quality records.