Since Labdhi Pharmaceuticals LLP caters to large group of finished formulation from different segments, our facilities are dedicated to each segment of products, thus keeping complete control in cross-contamination, as recommended by the guidelines of World Health Organisation (WHO). Each plant is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments, and sophisticated analytical laboratories. Labdhi Pharmaceuticals also contractually manufactures products through its partners that have minimum WHO GMP approval through technology transfer and other methods which ensure maximum safety, identical efficacy and consistency between batches.

Oncology unit
Sterile-liquid ampoule / vial, dry powder

Hormone unit
Sterile-liquid ampoule / vial
Tablets & capsules

General formulation(Injectables)
Sterile-liquid ampoule / vial, dry powder
Sterile Ophthalmic preparations for eye drops

Beta Lactum facility
Oral solids

Dedicated Cephelosporine formulation unit.